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Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Brewing the Best Coffee
1. FRESHNESS Start with fresh roasted coffee! Reality Roasters sends coffee out usually the same day we roast. This ensures that you will receive only the freshest of beans! Consumption closest to the roast date produces better flavor and aroma. We recommend that you only buy what you will drink within two-three weeks.

2. WATER Use the best water available. Coffee is 98% water! If you have a softener, make sure that the water is not over treated. An in-line filter works fine. Bottled water is pretty inexpensive at the store and it will pay huge dividends if you start using this water for your coffee.

3. GRIND Be sure to use the PROPER grind.

Too fine a grind will over-extract the coffee flavor, making it bitter. Too coarse a grind: brown water and no flavor. Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to find the correct grind for YOUR machine. They are all slightly different and will require some experimentation.

Hint: If you are using a blade grinder, we recommend short bursts of power, shaking slightly after each burst.

The most common brewing method is the Drip Method; most cone shaped paper filter type of brewers need a very-fine grind. Most flat bottom basket shaped paper filters need a fine grind.

Espresso machines need extra-fine to very-fine depending on how much extraction one wants. Look for about a 22 second pull.

A French Press requires a coarse grind to get more contact area between the coffee and the water. This is the best way to drink coffee, it is known as the direct-contact method -- no filters here, just pure coffee flavor. It is also the easiest way to prepare coffee and to clean afterwards.

4. PROPORTION Use the correct proportion of coffee grounds. The industry standard is two rounded tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. I like to tell people is to make it how YOU like it. Use as many grounds to make the coffee that YOU enjoy!

5. EQUIPMENT Use clean brewing equipment. Coffee is best brewed at 200 degrees. There only a couple of drip machines on the market that do that. Call us for a recommendation. We recommend that you clean out your brewer once a month with a mix of vinegar and water. Most people do not clean their brewers often enough. Be sure to not skip this step!

If you follow these guidelines, you will be well on your way to enjoying the Perfect Cup! Oh yea, be sure to start with a fresh pound of Reality Roasters Coffee.